About Capital Heart Centre

Your heart health is our priority.

Led by Dr Joshua Loh, our goal at Capital Heart Centre is to deliver prompt access to appointments, diagnostic services and procedures that are tailored to your requirements — from prevention to treatment.

Your health is our number one priority. Rest assured, all you need to do is focus on your heart health, while our warm and friendly staff takes care of the rest. The team is dedicated, experienced and trained with up-to-date medical services and evidence-based practices.

Dr Joshua Loh is well-versed in all areas regarding heart health, and his expertise lies in complex coronary interventional procedures. He did his advanced training in Interventional Cardiology in Washington, DC, and the US capital gave rise to the name, Capital Heart Centre.

In Support of Daughters Of Tomorrow

CHC is happy to work with Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) to support women from low-income families towards gainful employment.

We believe in giving back in our own little way, and we hope you will join us in our bid to empower women.

Your contribution will enable DOT to support women from low-income families to gain employment through back-to-work support, community outreach and engagement, and upward social mobility assistance.

#Empowering Women, Enabling Families



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